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Estate planning is probably not a top issue if you are young, in good health, and single. But, if you want to safeguard your possessions and appoint someone to take care of your medical and financial affairs in case of your incapacitation, you must take the initiative and make sure your preparations are in place well before any physical or mental health catastrophe occurs.

One of the most crucial actions you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones is to create an estate plan. Effective estate planning can spare your loved ones the price, inconvenience, and stress of dealing with the probate process after you are gone.

Speak to your Pearland estate planning attorney so we can help with your estate planning needs and other family legal matters.

Why Estate Planning in Pearland Is Important

Estate planning means arranging how your estate will be managed while you are living in the event of your incapacity or ultimate passing.

Before you even say it, the answer is no.

Despite what many people think, estate planning is not just a luxury for the wealthy.  For many, the word “estate” can sound intimidating, as some believe that only celebrities or high net-worth individuals may have an estate. However, your personal belongings, including your home, car, bank accounts, and financial holdings, are collectively referred to as your estate.

All of these must be gathered and distributed to beneficiaries after your death if they are not jointly owned or held in a trust. Estate planning matters because, without a plan in place, strangers in a courtroom will decide on a plan for you. It is best to have a say in what happens to your assets.

Plan for Your Children With a Pearland Estate Planning Attorney

Pearland has been a great place to raise your children. You were able to give them a perfect life. This is the reason you work hard. You have a legacy, and the estate planning attorneys at our law office understand this well. This is why we created the Children’s Safeguard Program™

If you have young children, appointing a guardian is necessary. The court might not give the role to someone you would choose to ensure that the guardian shares the values you wish to teach to your children. You need to carefully consider your options. Additionally, the guardian’s financial situation should also be taken into account.

If you think each child should have a different guardian, that can also be arranged by setting up a trust to help care for your children financially. All these things can be discussed with one of our Pearland estate planning lawyers during your strategy session.

Discuss Your Options With a Pearland Estate Planning Attorney

We offer a myriad of services, so we encourage you to peruse our site and come to your strategy session with questions ready.

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Discuss Your Options With a Pearland Estate Planning Attorney

We help people and couples of all ages with asset protection and other estate matters. It can never be too early to start the process. The estate planning attorneys at Your Legacy Legal Care will know which services fit you best and understand probate law to help avoid that grueling process. You can call us to set up an initial strategy session.

FAQ: Pearland Estate Planning

I have a stepchild from a second marriage. Will they inherit if I have no will?

Unless the stepchild’s new stepparent lawfully adopts them, stepchildren do not inherit anything from stepparents. You must make the necessary estate plan alterations if you have stepchildren and wish to include them in your will.

What should I put in place in case I can’t make my own medical decisions?

When you cannot make medical decisions independently, we advise establishing an advance medical directive to state your healthcare wishes in advance or a medical power of attorney that designates someone to act as your agent in arranging your preferred medical care.

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