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Do you know what will happen to your loved ones and assets when you are gone?
It’s not very romantic to think about the future in this way, but having a plan to ensure your family members are taken care of is essential. Your Legacy Legal Care can help you with the complexities and strategies involved in estate planning and ensure your wishes are carried out. Contact us for a strategy session with a Pasadena estate planning attorney. We will help set your mind at ease regarding your family’s future.

Knowledgeable Estate Planning Attorneys Serving Pasadena, Texas

One of your most valuable resources in the whole process, though, is undoubtedly your estate planning attorney. At Your Legacy Legal Care, we are honest, compassionate, and knowledgeable in all ins and outs of Texas estate law.

We focus on the following estate planning practice areas:

FAQ: Pasadena Estate Planning Lawyer 

What assets should be considered when planning your estate?

  • Cash in savings accounts and checking accounts
  • Retirement savings
  • Investment accounts
  • Non-liquid assets (stocks, bonds, and mutual funds)
  • Life insurance policies
  • Digital assets (i.e., cryptocurrency)
  • Real estate properties
  • Business interests

How often should you revisit your estate plan?
Your estate plan should reflect your wishes at all times. However, your wishes can change every so often. Maybe you no longer want to list someone as a beneficiary or maybe you want to include assets you acquire as a part of your estate plan. It is a good idea to examine your estate plan every three to five years to be sure it still reflects your wishes.

What are the four must-have documents?

  • A last will and testament is a legal document that outlines your wishes for your estate and holdings
  • A living trust is a document that provides instructions for your lifetime and beyond, including disability, death, and distributions to beneficiaries, and protects them from probate
  • A statutory durable power of attorney assigns a trusted individual to handle your finances when you are  no longer able
  • A medical power of attorney assigns a trusted individual to make medical decisions based on your wishes

Estate planning is unique to you and your wishes. There may be other legal documents in addition to these must-have documents that could benefit your estate.

Pasadena Estate Planning Lawyers You Can Trust

Planning for a future you are not a part of can be stressful and emotional. At Your Legacy Legal Care, we are committed to ensuring your wishes are carried out quickly and properly when you can no longer speak for yourself. If you need estate planning services, call an experienced estate planning, elder law,  or probate attorney at Your Legacy Legal Care and schedule a strategy session. You can also visit our offices in person to book your meeting.

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