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3 Dementia Tips!

Navigating the world of dementia can be quite a challenge for families. This week on Life Happens, we are joined by Lee Howell to discuss 3 dementia tips that all caregivers and loved ones should be aware of. Tune in as Kim and Lee discuss the importance of connecting with experts, what types of experts you should connect with, why it’s important to get help before you get burned out, and more!

Staying Home With Dementia

It is possible to keep someone at home when they have dementia? Be sure to tune in to this week’s episode of Life Happens as we discuss the pros and cons of keeping someone that has been diagnosed with dementia at home rather than placing them in a memory care facility, how to safely keep a loved one with dementia at home, and more!

Polypharmacy and Our Elder Community – What You Need To Know

This week, Kim Hegwood discusses the important things you need to know about polypharmacy and our elder community. GeriatRx is a pharmacist-led medication management company that focuses on helping overwhelmed caregivers stop their loved ones from being overmedicated using genetic-drug screening, deprescribing, and health cost savings strategies. Be sure to listen to this episode of Life Happens as we discuss what polypharmacy is, the dangers of overmedication in the senior population, and more!

Making It Work: How to Successfully Navigate Home Care with Family Caregiving Involvement

Bringing in caregivers to your home or to your parent’s home can bring some challenges. It can also bring some rewards. Listen to this conversation between Kim Hegwood and Michelle Seitzer as they discuss how to successfully navigate home care with family caregiver involvement! They talk about things such as the benefits (and challenges) of home care, how providers work together with family caregivers, and more!

Caring for Aging Parents

Have you been the caregiver for an aging parent or loved one and struggled the balance of being a caregiver while also working to earn a living? Tune into this week’s episode of Life Happens as we discuss how to care for aging loved ones while earning a living with Liz O’Donnell, author of Working Daughter: A Guide to Caring for Your Aging Parents While Earning A Living.

Livable Home Solutions

This week on Life Happens Kim is joined by Nate Davis with LiveWell Mobility! This week Nate and Kim will talk about “livable home solutions,” why mobility is so important when aging in place, tips for home modifications that will help someone age in place, if any mobility solutions are covered by Medicare or private insurances, and more!

How to Prevent Hospital Readmissions

Nobody wants to end up back in the hospital a few days or weeks after being discharged. Listen to this session of Life Happens with Kim Hegwood as she speaks with Ana Reyes about what exactly a hospital readmission is, if it’s covered by Medicare, what family members can do to prevent their loved one from being readmitted to the hospital prior to them being discharged, and some tips for optimal wellness for a recently discharged senior.

Home Care with Technology

In this week’s episode of Life Happens, Kim Hegwood is joined by Sojourner King with Home Care For The 21st Century! This week our guest and Kim will discuss “home care with technology,” how tele-health monitoring can benefit patients after a hospital visit, how it works if a senior is not “good” with technology, how long the check-in service is from a Remote Care Coordinator, and if the service will contact family members if there are any problems.

People Don’t Die Like They Do in the Movies!

Understanding the dying process can help families prepare and move through the transition with ease. Kim Hegwood speaks with Barbara Karnes, RN and author of “Gone From My Sight: The Dying Experience.” Affectionately referred to in the industry as the “little blue hospice book,” “Gone From My Sight” has sold over 30 million copies worldwide, is published in 12 languages, and remains the leading resource on the market today educating families on the signs of approaching death.

Dementia and Sex: Let’s Talk About It!

According to Dr. Regina Koepp’s blog, a recent survey of more than 1,000 adults between 65-80 years old found that 50.9% of men and 30.8% of women reported being sexually active. Yet, only 17.3% of these adults reported speaking to their health care provider about sexual health in the past two years. Researchers have found that sex among older adults is often viewed as stereotypically “shameful, disgusting, laughable, and nonexistent,” which can lead to internalized stigma and increased sexual problems for older adults. Kim Hegwood and Dr. Koepp will be talking about dementia and sex, and how the two connect.

Kim will ask Dr. Koepp: What inspired your interest in Dementia and Sexual Health? How often are older adults having sex and what are the physical and mental health benefits of an active sex life in older adulthood? In the context of dementia? With dementia, many challenges and risks can arise when it comes to sexual expression, can you share what some of these risks might be? What are some recommendations for those providing care to people living with dementia related to dementia and sexual health?

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