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Do you know what will happen to everything you have worked hard for when you are no longer here?

We know this is not your favorite thing to think about. Although it may not be particularly fun to consider the future in this way, making a plan to provide for your family is crucial. Your loved ones will definitely thank you for it later.

Your Legacy Legal Care™ can assist you with the strategy and complexity of estate planning to ensure your desires are carried out.

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A good estate planning lawyer is your most valuable resource in the estate planning journey. At Your Legacy Legal Care™, we are dedicated, and enthusiastic, and know all the ins and outs of Texas estate law.

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We take pride in how we practice law, and our clients trust us. You should schedule a strategy session with an estate planning lawyer at Your Legacy Legal Care™ to get the process started.

FAQ: Estate Planning in Alvin, Texas

What if I am not in the right mental state when I sign my will?

Suppose you have a terminal illness that affects your memory or ability to make decisions. In that case, you are not in the right mental state to execute a will. This is also true if you sign a will under duress. The will is automatically voided if you sign it without testamentary ability. It can’t be relied upon for instructions to distribute property. Contact an experienced Texas estate planning attorney to ensure that you follow the requirements adequately.

Do my assets have to pass through probate?

An estate planning attorney can help you properly plan by placing a sufficient portion of assets in trusts, effectively lowering the probate assets to the necessary amount of $75,000. This would allow your loved ones to avoid the probate process, as funds placed into a trust are no longer legally “owned” by the person who established it.

How often should you revisit your estate plan?

Your estate plan should reflect your wishes at all times. However, your wishes can change every so often. Maybe you no longer want to list someone as a beneficiary, or maybe you want to include assets you acquire as a part of your estate plan. It is a good idea to examine your estate plan every three to five years to be sure it still reflects your wishes.

Alvin Estate Planning Lawyers You Can Count On

Planning for death, future disability, and discussing mortality can be uncomfortable or difficult for some. When you cannot foresee future concerns, we at Your Legacy Legal Care™ are committed to ensuring your desires are carried out promptly and efficiently.

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